Ji Pradhanmantriji  (Vol.1)

Ji Pradhanmantriji (Vol.1)

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Author: Jonathan Lynn
Antony Jay/
Translator: Monisha Shah
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 230
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0143027972


Based on the television series Ji Pradhanmantriji, this is a hilarious reconstruction of the incongruous world of Indian government.

Ji Pradhanmantriji begins with a comedy of errors, whereby Suryaprakash Singh, perhaps the most ineffectual member of the Cabinet, is chosen as the party's consensus candidate for the Prime Minister's job.. At the same time, the post of Cabinet Secretary, the head of the Administrative Service, falls vacant, and Rajnath Mathur is chosen the new incumbent. Thus, Shri Singh and Shri Mathur find themselves continuing their adventures together, now perched at the top of government.

The challenges before the duo are many and multifarious. India is on the brink of war with Pakistan, and the Prime Minister may have to exercise the nuclear option at any moment. But first he most find a cook for his household who can prepare decent non-veg meals. Other problems of varying shapes and sizes demand Suryaprakash’s attention: his first television speech as PM, where the camera refuses to flatter him; a chain-smoking Health Minister who is lath to enforce a tobacco surcharge; Annapurnaji, his political advisor, who has been allotted a room facing the gents toilet; and Mathursaheb himself, who cannot be made to part with a set of duplicate keys to Suryaprakash’s won house, Suryaprakash battles on quixotically, but before he knows it, the nation is hit by a financial crisis, and he and Mathursaheb must put their heads together to save their jobs, if nothing else…



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