Munshi Premchand: The Voice of Truth

Munshi Premchand: The Voice of Truth

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Author: Anupa Lal
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 78
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171679943


In this affectionate biography, the reader will discover the man behind the words - humorous, hard-working and independent. He plunged into life to savour every vivid aspect of his land and people, facing every adversity with a quiet courage and a smile.

His timeless tales captured the lives of ordinary people. Through his writing, Premchand gave a voice to the landless peasant, the exploited factory worker and downtrodden women. Just as he was the joyous voice of a child or a pampered nawab of Lucknow.

This empathy for people combined with powerful plots and unforgettable characters writers of fiction in Hindi and Urdu, whose books continue to be loved today.


Charitavali is a series of biographies dedicated to the legendary figures of India. The series present lives of great kings, freedom fighters, political thinkers and social reformers, pioneers of industry, great scientists and philosophers, artists, musicians, dancers and film stars, writers and sports people.

These biographies have been written for the reader who is curious about the life, achievements and character of these legends. Full of fascinating stories and facts, written in an easy, story telling style, these biographies will make these great Indians and their times come alive for the reader.



Early Years

A New Beginning

A Writer's World

Freedom to Write

The Lamp Goes out

His Writings