Devotional Unity with Krishna

Devotional Unity with Krishna

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Author: Swami Mohananand
Dr L C Gupta/
Compilor: Swami Mohananand and Dr L C Gupta
Publisher: Srishti
Year: 2002
Language: multilingual
Pages: 399
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187075198


This book takes you on the journey to the childhood exploits of Krishna and Bhakti Sadhana
sut’ra. It shall immerse you in devotional unity with Krishna; if imbibed with devotion and unflinching faith in Him.

I reside in the heart of my devotees who chant my divine name and deeds. Thus, it is clear that one can perceive Him only in his own heart.Heart is the center for the emotions of love and devotions.

The eruption of the emotions of love and devotion for him makes one perceive Him.

To evoke emotions of love and devotion to perceive Him, one needs to chant, listen, recite or dwell on His divine name and deeds.


1.The purpose of Advent
2.Mother earth Bhudevi’s agony and Vishnu’s assurance
3.Vasudev weds Devaki and incorporeal telecast
4.Instruction to Yogamaya-the divine power of Sri Krishna
5.Stage setting for divine deeds
6.Advent of Sri Krishna
7.Shiva-Shyam darshan
8.Putana Moksha
13.Madhan chori
15.Ukhal Bandhan
16.Umlarjun uddhar
17.Brahan- Shyam darshan
18.Phalvali Shyam darshan
19.Kaliya-Shyam darshan
20.Sri Govardhan puja
21.Sri Goverdhan dharan
22.Sri Krishan Abhisek
23.Venu Geet
24.Radha-Shyam darshan
25.Chir haran
26.Sri Krishna’s invitation for Ras
29.Re-advent of Sri Krishna

Bhakti Sadhana Sut’ra

1.The purpose of birth as a human being is to attain him
2.Activate pure emotions to attain Him
3.Observe silence to attain Him
4.Adapt a lone life to attain him
5.Play Child to surrender in Him to attain Him
6.Play Dead to attain Him
7.Jadvat vrati rup sadhana to attain Him
8.Die before death to attain Him
9.Get wed to Him to attain Achal Suhaga
10.why not purchase Him- the priceless
11.Gopi sadhana-an easy path a to attain Him
12.Get consumed in Virahar-Agni to attain him
13.Get conceived with His name to attain him
14.Take refuge in His name to attain Him
15.Perform Puja in an idol to attain Him
16.Evoke Shakshi bhava to attain Him
17.Credit His account to attain Him
18.Adopt Navadha Bhakti to attain Him
19.Adopt Atma-Nivedanam to attain Him
20.Nirantar Bhajan attains Him