The Wooden Bowl - Simple Meditation for Everyday Life

The Wooden Bowl - Simple Meditation for Everyday Life

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Author: Clark Strand
Publisher: Research Press
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 185
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0717128725


A book for anyone who has ever wanted to meditate, but who felt no need for mantras or retreats to far-off monasteries.

The Wooden Bowl offers a way of being present-to ourselves, to nature, to other people. Clerk Strand presents meditation, for the first time, not as some unattainable grail, but as something as simple and available as a wooden bowl.

He gives clear, simple guidance on such subjects as finding your own meditation practice in daily life, organizing your own present moment group and avoiding the troubling preoccupations that often afflict many meditators: Am I doing this right? Am I doing it enough? When am I going to get it?

The Wooden Bowl is the perfect guide to a personal, profound meditation that is not rigid, not time-consuming, not difficult.


The Wooden Bowl is a terrific book. Just reading it slows me down, reminds me in the most simple quiet language that I’m here- now. How sweet- and true and real. I love the way strand writes.
-Natile Goldberg, author of Writing down the Bones



PART I: Getting Started

PART II: Getting Settled

PART III: Getting Together

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