A Lady's Diary of the Siege of Lucknow

A Lady's Diary of the Siege of Lucknow

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Author: Douglas Adams
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 117
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171679889


The writer of this diary arrived at Lucknow in March 1857. A few weeks after her arrival, the mutiny broke out.

The cataclysmic reversal in power hierarchy at the outbreak of the mutiny of 1857 turned out to be detrimental to the British in India. Many became prey to the agitated sepoys’ wrath. The . As news about the violence and killings began pouring in from all corners, she began to write this diary for those at home. Would she meet them again? Would this diary itself reach its destination? She was not sure.

She writes: I have kept a rough sort of journal during the whole siege, often written under great difficulties- part of the time with a child in my arms… for the first month (July) we had little hope of escape… I did not feel as if you would ever receive it… I know you will like to have it…


May 15 to 28, 1857
Insurrection and murders in Delhi

May 31 to June 27
Insurrection at Lucknow

June 30 to September 25
Siege of Lucknow commenced

September 26 to November 9
Siege continued

November 10 to December 1
Siege Continued

December 2 to 28

Supplementary Letters