Indian Philosophers and Postmodern Thinkers - Dialogues on the Margins of Culture

Indian Philosophers and Postmodern Thinkers - Dialogues on the Margins of Culture

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Author: Carl Olson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 331
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195653904


This thought-provoking study is a welcome addition to the discipline of comparative philosophy. In a unique scholarly under-taking, classical as well as contemporary Indian philosophies and their authors engage in a hermeneutical dialogue with western postmodernism.

The book takes as its central theme the cornerstone of postmodern thought: its attack on rationality and representational modes of thinking, and its radical questioning of the place of reason in philosophy. The theme is informed and developed through a cross-cultural exchange on a number of subjects. These range from desire, suffering, abjection, and death to the nature of language and writing. Thus, on the subject of desire for example, the Upanishads and Nikaya Buddhism come into contact with Deleuze and Guattari, while the discussion of language and writing sets Derrida against early Buddhism and Abhinavagupta.

Carl Olson brings a variety of thinkers and divergent traditions of thought into lucid, penetrating debate, which serves to remind us the classical Indian philosophy is not a dead cultural artifact, but has enduring intellectual value. A significant contribution to the field of comparative philosophy in India and abroad, this book will be read with great interest by students and scholars of philosophy, as well as the general reader interested in Indian and western thought.



List of Abbreviations

1.Beginnings and Margins

2.Language and Writing


4.Suffering, Abjection and Death

5.The Disappearing Self

6.Difference and Identity

7.Ontology and Alterity

8.Rationality and Madness