Jurisprudence in India - Through the Ages

Jurisprudence in India - Through the Ages

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Author: D D Aggarwal
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 284
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178351080


This book is another link in the attempt made by the writer in tracing the modern systems-administrative, political, religious, spiritual, social and legal-available in our ancient times and which have been lost sight of with the passage of time, particularly because of over 600 years of Mohammedan rule followed by British rule.

In this books Protocol in Ramcharitmanas and Protocol in Srimad Bhagawat the modern concepts of protocol have been brought out. In India ever Independent: Why only 50 Years, the concept of independence existing in India right from the Vedic period have been brought out. In the book C.B.I. and Policing in India since Vedic Period, the existence of these institutions in ancient India have been brought out and in the present book, the existence of judicial system in India in Vedic period, Hindu period, Mohammedan period and British period has been traced bringing out that our Smritis contain the provisions of present codes of laws I.P.C., Cr.P.C. , C.P.C., Evidence Act, etc.- in more elaborate way, establishing that what British think they have given to India (present legal system) was already available in our ancient India and had eclipsed during Mohammedan rule, when Shariat was in vogue, which did not have detailed codified laws and legal system. This book will certainly be of interest to the people having interest in the ancient Indian systems compared with the modern ones.