Status of Women in Rural Societies

Status of Women in Rural Societies

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Author: Dr. Ramesh Chaube
Dr. Kalpana Saini/
Editor: Dr. Ramesh Chaube and Dr. Kalpana Saini
Publisher: Aditya Publishers
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 000
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187725192


In India, about three fourth of the population, still lives in rural areas. The notion that women in rural societies enjoy relatively higher social status appears to be a myth. The papers included in this book explore recent issues related to the socio-economic position of women in tribal and rural societies.

Gender discrimination is a social reality irrespective of the nature of societies and no universally applicable rule exist to measure the degree of status of women in various societies. There is an imperative need to delineate the factors determining the social and economic status of women and o make efforts to strengthen the process that help women to raise their status in the society through educational, political and economic empowerment.

The present volume contains 18 papers by eminent scholars who are authorities in the field of social Anthropology. . The issues include-Health, Nutrition, education, Adoption, Inheritance, Succession, Marriage, Divorce and participation in Panchayat Raj. The papers of the volume also conclude that inspire of Government’s so called efforts, the agony of rural women continues.

It is our hope that the material incorporated in this volume will provide fresh information to the researchers and scholars alike.