Contemporary Macroeconomics

Contemporary Macroeconomics

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Author: Amitava Bose
Debraj Ray/Abhirup Sarkar
Editor: Amitava Bose / Debraj Ray / Abhirup Sarkar
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 000
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195653696


This collection of essays deals with essential aspects of macroeconomics. The volume analyses established areas from new angles, and emerging areas of research in the context of developing economies.

The book covers topics of contemporary relevance to students and researchers of economics, including:

Conceptual and applied aspects of national income accounting
Macroeconomic constraints faced by developing economies
Modern growth theory

These are areas intense recent work and prepare the essential micro-foundation for macroeconomic analysis. The editors provide a substantive introduction to each section discussing key issues and highlights of the essays that follow.

The book is rich in analytic content and will be of immense value to students, teachers, and researchers of macroeconomics and development economics and to polity-makers in developing countries.