Encyclopaedia of Buddhism:   (Volume VIII)

Encyclopaedia of Buddhism: (Volume VIII)

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Author: M G Chitkara
Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation
Year: 2002
Language: English
Pages: 820
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176481874


This book is a part of a 21-volume series on Buddhism: A World Faith.

We, the Homo sapiens, have developed norms of behaving with each other. We believe that it is our unique feature, probably the outcome of some extra neurons in the association areas of cortex that are free to make any kind of association. It is right time that scientists and humanists sit together to consider the possibility that the ethics be removed temporarily from the hands of the philosophers and biologized. It may help in evolving an accurate and hence universal code of ethics.

Societies tend to succeed when they allow each individual to discover what millions of year of evolution have already bestowed upon mind and body.

The deep ecologists consider interdependence as basic requirements for nurturing and enhancing the life possibilities for entire earth community. There is intrinsic value in each and everything and one can have a feeling of its by the process of identification. Through his identification mystics, philosophers, prophets and poets see God, Christ, Allah, Brahman, Tao and Buddha. In this path there is a transcendence from an attitude where the earth has living and non-living materials for human survival to an attitude where everything is sacred. This transcendence requires the internalization of the value of compassion for all living and non-living things.

Knowledge lies within each one of us and where there is purity, it manifests itself naturally. It is difficult to find anything purer that a child’s heart, whose thirst for love and knowledge has no limit. We had not overcome our mental doubts and fears, in order to communicate with the children. Comprehension is immediate through such heart-to-heart communion, and the precious seeds of values can grow and blossom with devotion in the rich soil of their hearts.

Buddhism certainly teaches love among mankind, between those of domestic, social and other relations, but at the same time it teaches love towards all beings with equally great emphasis. Love towards all beings which Buddhism teaches us cannot be a mere extension of love among mankind. If we know why this religion regards benevolence as a virtue, we shall understand that he love all beings in Buddhism has its own special meaning and moral value by itself, not supplementary to the normality of mankind.


Be A Light
Benevolence: Kindred virtuous feelings and actions
Buddhism regard humility
Consensus Building
Contentment the greatest bliss
Deathlessness & fear of death: deathless
Ecological Values
Educate every generation: to preserve environment
Ego free living
Environment: Ethics, search for quality of life
The Desires and Eternal quest
Evolution of Values
Excel Excellence
Fearlessness: Freedom from Fear
Generosity: the practice of Dharma
Global Administration through natural law
Human Dignity
Human Qualities: Hope for new millennium
Interdependence: law of nature & the world
Knowledge understanding action
Life of pilgrimage
Love & detachment
Love: A Universal Religion
Love, Compassion
Man delivers himself: the tempter Brahman
Meditation: The global pill
Mind the fore runner
Morality: the essence of dhamma
Mother & motherhood
Needs, means & Ends
Non-violence; Devoid of all passion
Old age, sickness & the fate of living being
One who keeps on reaches the goal
Path to perfection
Patience: a value Virtue
Peace of Mind
Practice Dharma: Attain Nirvana
Restraint thought
Rule of Law
Self is the lord of self
Selfish desire is cause of suffering
Sustainable Development: Future ethics
Sva Dharma & Adoption of positive values
The capsule of basic teachings of Buddha
The happiness
The path of sense gratification and that of sense control
The punishment
The saint
The shadow of death
The spirit if giving and sharing
The wise meditative
Truth, the cornerstone of All values
Universal desire
Universal harmony
Universal love
Values classified
Values the end of law
Values: socially accepted norms
Vasudhaiv Kutumbkum
Vigilance end thoughtlessness
Winning through silence
World & beyond the world
World peace

Appraisal & Summing up