Learn Hindi        (CD ROM)

Learn Hindi (CD ROM)

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Author: Allenpark Info Tech
Publisher: Allenpark Info Tech
Year: 2003
Language: multilingual
Pages: NA
ISBN/UPC (if available): NA


The Vidyarambham Hindi Tutor CD-ROM has been designed keeping in mind those who are new to the language. The CD is systematically designed, in consultation with Hindi promoting organizations and Professors from noted universities and experienced teachers of the subject, to make learning the language quite effortless. You can learn to speak, read and write in Hindi using the CD within a span of just 45 days. Excellent graphics, crystal clear audio, effective use of interactivity… These are only just a few of the highlights of the CD.

VIDYARAMBHAM -the Hindi Tutor CD-ROM after rigorous research and analysis. Equal attention has been given in designing the instructions as well as the content of this CD-ROM.

The CD focuses not on grammar and conjugations, but on communicating in whatever way you can. Since formal grammar is minimized and functional situations are emphasized, the CD-ROM effectively demonstrates and sharpens the speaking skills.

This multifaceted CD creates an interactive environment where learning Hindi becomes effortless. Engaged in this rich, multimedia experience, learning becomes a pleasure and not a struggle.

The CD-ROM is a wonderful combination of lessons, fun activities, interactive games, puzzles and much more that carries away the child without conscious effort into an enchanting world of colorfully animated characters….

Key points which makes our Hindi Tutor unique and much more effective than the conventional…

1. Phonetics…

2. Transliteration…

3. The learner is free to choose from two modes of instructions- English and Hindi.

4. The whole course of learning Hindi is divided into 7 lessons. It is designed in such a way that by the time the learner reaches the 7th lesson (songs), he is capable of reading a Hindi book or even a newspaper.

5. Excellent graphics, crystal clear audio, effective use of interactivity.

6. In the first lesson, the learner only has to keep listening to the Basic sounds, Observe how the language is said and keep repeating the words aloud. He has to try to roll his tongue the way some of the sounds demand and practicing this repeatedly will help him to correct his accent.

The whole course of learning Hindi is divided into 7 sections.


The Basics aim at getting the scare away from a new learner. A multimedia environment of listening to the Hindi language together with the introduction to the alphabets is created. Just keep listening to the Basic sounds. Observe how the language is said. Keep repeating the words. Try to roll your tongue the way some of the sounds demand. Have a look at how the words are written. Observe the easy methods of writing.


We get into more serious studying here. Sounds, animations all playing around in seven meticulously arranged sections. The learner is gradually led to the main stream of the language, giving lots of emphasis on alphabets, words and pronunciations. This section teaches you to write the alphabets too. You could even practice the writing with the mouse on the board in red, blue, green or black. Just enjoy learning. Once out of this section almost half the learning is thru.


See it, hear it, say it and then read it. That is what this section is all about. Go to the market, go to a house, name the flowers, name the animals, the birds, colors, directions, and what not. Lots of vocabulary, speech practice, common usages, glossary all in an interactive animated atmosphere. Test your knowledge at each stage. Evaluate yourselves. You have now started reading and speaking Hindi Words too.


You are led into the fantastic world of numbers out here. Here starts your first lessons of reading on your own and learning to count in Hindi. Simulated with excellent graphics the lesson focuses on bringing out the reading adaptability in you.


Plenty of riddles and proverbs with animations and sounds. Riddles could be quiet unique to Hindi. The section increases the thought process of the learner, increases the interactivity makes him read more and listen to more Hindi. One could call this, another way of putting the grammar on to the little heads. The proverbs not only make the learner read, but also increases the communication with the elders. The parents and the learner would equally love the insight proverbs bestow.


Some great stories of International Fame narrated along with read along facility. Listen and see the story. Enjoy the fascinating graphics. Simulation of reading a Hindi Storybook.


Several specially selected and well-orchestrated nostalgic rhymes to sing and read along facility. Each song in its on specially designed background and sound with read along facility. Sung by eminent artists. Boosts the reading ability.


Lots of specially designed educational child friendly games. Supported by animations and high quality sound. Improves reading and writing skills. Memory improvement games and games to improve the reflexes.


This CD-ROM will play on Windows 95 and up. Not compatible with MACINTOSH Computers.


How to start talking Hindi


Learning to read and write

Self assessment tests

Glossary of common usage's

Common words





Educational games and a lot more