Tales of Fabled Beasts, Gods & Demons (COLOR + ILLUSTRATED)

Tales of Fabled Beasts, Gods & Demons (COLOR + ILLUSTRATED)

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Author: Bulbul Sharma
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 120
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0670049468


Tales of Fabled Beasts, Gods & Demons is a highly entertaining collection of stories drawn from Indian myths and legends.

Meet Kumbhakaran, Ravana’s brother, whose daily diet consists of one thousand plates of vegetable curry, two thousand bowls of chicken, three thousand platters of kheer, five hundred live goats, five hundred baskets of raw fish, two hundred whole banana trees, mountains of rice and a hundred huge barrels of wine. Among the other fascinating characters included in this book are Mahisasura, a half-buffalo, half-demon; Tataka, who has the fighting strength of a thousand elephants; Hanuman, who mistakes the sun for a tasty ripe fruit and almost eats it up; and Agha, a demon who can become a cloud one minute and a humungous serpent the next.

Bulbul Sharma is a storyteller par excellence and the high drama, humour and excitement she brings to her writing is captured perfectly in the exquisite full colour illustrations by Sujata Singh, one of India's most creative and imaginative artists.

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