Social Life of Plants

Social Life of Plants

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Author: Sukanya Dutta
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 87
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8123729383


A Unique anthology of short fiction from South-East Asia, it brings together the work of nineteen exceptional writers from Singapore and Malaysia. Set in the small towns and cities, these stories capture the richness and complexity of life in a region that is an extraordinary blend of different races, languages and cultures.

The author has chosen the basic nature of a plant's life and its interactions, using sociality as the major organ sing theme. This is an encouraging approach, narrated in a reader-friendly style and with emphasis on explaining a concept rather than cataloguing facts. At the same time, the reader learns not only about the hitherto unknown plant's behavior and nature, but also how scientists pursue knowledge.

Sociability is not a word easily associated with plants. However, these first citizens of Earth are amazing life forms with powers to surprise us if only we care enough to shed our prejudices. Plants form alliances, maybe even friendships, with other plants and with animals too. They wage war against enemies, using chemicals to delineate territory which they defend ferociously. They employ mercenaries. They use subtle strategies for survival, recruiting agents to suit their purpose.

Secrets of plant life as uncovered by modern science reveal that plant lead lives far from being silently mundane. The word ‘extraordinary’ would sum it up rather more aptly. This book offers a startling new perspective on the world of plants, presenting an atypical point of view that ignites a sense of wonder as it explores the plant world.



1. A Close Look
2. For Generations to Come
3. Spreading Far and Wide
4. Bizarre Associations
5. War and Peace