New Writing 6

New Writing 6

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Author: A S Byatt
Peter Porter/
Editor: A S Byatt, Peter Porter
Publisher: Vintage
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 546
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0099545519


This anthology brings some of our most formidable talent, placing new names alongside more established ones, and includes poetry, essays, short stories and extracts from novels in progress.

'New Writing 6' is the sixth volume of an annual anthology which promotes the best in contemporary literature. It brings together some of our most formidable talent, placing new names alongside more established ones, and includes poetry, essays, short stories and extract from novels in progress. Distinctive, innovative and entertaining, it is essential reading for all those interested in British writing today. 'New Writing 6' is published by Vintage, is association with the British Council.


Introduction: Peter Porter

Short Stories
Louis de Bernieres: A Night off Prudente de Moraes
Penelope Fitzgerald: Desideratus
Paul Magrs: The 1971 Tube Journeys
A.L. Kennedy: Awaiting an Adverse Reaction
Tibor Fischer: Breathing, Ephesus
Julia Darling: Breast
Philip Hensher: Dead Languages
Duncan McLaren: Soap Circle
Shena Mackay: The Last Sand Dance
Keith Ridgway: The Problem with German
C.K. Stead: Brightness Falls from the Air
Pauline Melville: The President’s Exile
Jane Rogers: Chipmunk
Jim Michael Foley: Marcel et
John McGahern: The White Boat
Kathy Page: Bees
Matt Thorne: The Honeymoon Disease
Hwee Hwee Tan: The Gambling Man
Lorna Tracy: Life is an Incident in a Long Story
John Burnside: Kate’s Garden
E.A. Markham: Safe House for Philpot
Adam Thorpe: Tyres
Marina Warner: Canary

Extracts from novels in progress
John Harvey: Europa
Christopher Hope: Pogrom


Dorothy Nimmo: Goodwife, My Father’s Shadow, Left Right and Last Words
Ruth Padel: The Yaks
Michael Hulse: Caput Mortuum
Dannie Abse: Events Leading to the conception of Solomon, the Wise Child
Isobel Armstrong: No-ing
Robin Robertson: A Decomposition and Lithium
Anthony Thwaite: Object lessons
Edwin Brock: Fuckaduck!
Simon Armitage: The Fox and Aquarius
Nick Drake: The Disappearing City and Ceausescu’s Daughter’s Bedroom
Ron Butlin: The King and Queen of Winter
Charles Tomlinson: Morning and the Sisters
John Hartley Williams: On Vauxhall Station, I Think of Shirts
Penelope Shuttle: God
Ian Duhig: Nominies
Roy Fisher: Item
Jane Duran: In the Paintings of Edward Hopper
Elaine Feinstein: Prayer and Bonds
Peter Redgrove: The levee
Jon Silkin: The Offering
Rebecca Swift: The End of Thing
Lavinia Greenlaw: What We Can See of the Sky Has Fallen and Red Rackham’s Treasure
Michael Hofmann: Metempsychosis and Zirbelstrasse
Maureen Duffy: Wassail
Maura Dooley: Our Lives and Ourselves and A Blank Film

John Forrester: Psychoanalysis and the Stranger Destiny of Envy
David Malouf: Snapshots and an Alphabet
Robert Irwin: Unreadable Books: Fictional Landmarks in Twentieth-Century British Writing
David Bellos: Our Own and Other Tongue: Literary Translation in the 1990s
John Tusa: All Channels in the World.