The Complete Gujarati Cook Book

The Complete Gujarati Cook Book

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Author: Tarla Dalal
Publisher: Sanjay & Company
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 131
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186469451


Gujaratis have perhaps truly perfected the art of vegetarian cooking. Using a little ingenuity, they have succeeded in transforming the simplest ingredients into mouth-watering delicacies. This book is an attempt to document the classic recipes so that it can help both the beginners as well as the connoisseur.

Gujarati cuisine is a subtle blend of flavors and textures. All the three main regions of Gujarat have their own unique culinary styles. Most Gujarat recipes were traditionally handed down from mother to daughter and very few attempts were made to document them. In the process much has been lost. At the same time as a result of improvisations made by each generation to suit their changing tastes and also to adapt to their lifestyles, there have also been many gains.

This book is an attempt to document the classic recipes so that it can help both the beginner as well as the connoisseur.


1. Panha
2. Chaas
3. Piyush
4. Komal

1. Khatta Dhokla
2. Nylon Khaman Dhokla
3. Rasawala Dhokla
4. Mag Ni Dal No Dhokla
5. Amiri Khaman
6. Ghughra
7. Lavingya Paatra
8. Doodhi Muthia
9. Paalak Methi Na Muthia
10. Panki
11. Pandoli
12. Khandvi
13. Ragda Patties
14. Kand Patties
15. Vatana Bateta No Rotlo
16. Cauliflower Nu Bhanolu
17. Kand Na Dabada
18. Samosa
19. Dakor Na Gota
20. Moong Dal Ni Kachori
21. Methi Na Dhebra
22. Kand Na Bhajia
23. Bhaat Na Poodla
24. Toovar Methi Na Dhokla
25. Chola Ni Dal Na Poodla
26. Batata Vada
27. Gujarati Batata Vada

1. Amli Ni Chutney
2. Kaachi Keri Ni Chutney
3. Garlic Chutney
4. Sambhaar
5. Raiwala Marcha
6. Gajar Capsicum Sambhaar
7. Kaachi Keri Na Sambhaar

1. Dal Dhokli
2. Fada Ni Khichdi
3. Ek Toap Na Dal Bhaat
4. Bhaat Na Rasawala Muthia
5. Khichu
6. Moong Dal Khichu
7. Handvo
8. Khadbadiyu
9. Makai Ni Khichdi
10. Ram Khichdi

1. Fansi Dhokli
2. Oondhiya
3. Tameta Muthia Nu Shaak
4. Walor Muthia Nu Shaak
5. Vatana Muthia Nu Shaak
6. Turiya Paatra
7. Turiya Mag Ni Dal
8. Makai Capsicum
9. Sambhariyu Shaak
10. Bhinda Sambhariya
11. Vatana Nu Oondhiyu
12. Kela Methi Nu Shaak
13. Batata Chips Nu Shaak
14. Panchkutyu Shaak
15. Methi Papad
16. Bateta Nu Shaak
17. Ganthia Nu Shaak
18. Sev Tameta
19. Ringna Bateta Ni Kachri

1. Kadhi
2. Dapka Kadhi
3. Bhinda Ni Kadhi
4. Bhatia Kadhi
5. Osaman
6. Gujarati Dal
7. Lachko Dal
8. Fajeto
9. Trevti Dal

1. Rangoon Na Vaal
2. Khatta Moong
3. Vaal Ni Dal
4. Mixed Kathol
5. Mag Ni Dal

1. Moong Dal Khichdi
2. Green Moong Dal Khichdi
3. Toovar Dal Ni Khichdi
4. Vagharelo Bhaat
5. Vaal Ni Dal No Pulao
6. Lilva Rice

1. Rotlis
2. Theplas
3. Methi Theplas
4. Doodhi Theplas
5. Masala Puris
6. Bhakhri
7. Rotla

1. Puran Poli
2. Moong Dal Sheera
3. Lapsi
4. Basundi
5. Strawberry Basundi
6. Narangi Basundi
7. Doodh Paak
8. Mohanthaal
9. Golpapdi
10. Shrikhand