An Easy Way to Understand Qur'an -  A Set of 2 Books

An Easy Way to Understand Qur'an - A Set of 2 Books

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Author: Hasanuddin Ahmed
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Year: 1989
Language: English
Pages: 301
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171511007


The Understanding of the Qur'an presents a challenge to the non-Arabic knowing believers. In view of the limitations of the translations, the only alternative is to learn Arabic. Since this is not practical, a way out have been presented under a well thought-out project.

Salient features of this are: The basic concept of education has been applied to the study of the Qur'an and frequently used words of the Qur'an have been presented. The Terms and Representative words of the Qur'an have been identified and their meaning have been elucidated through explanatory notes. 467 selected Favorites of the Qur'an have been presented with English rendering. This is they first step towards the understanding of the
qur'an and makes a real beginning to such an approach. This is yet one more - and most effective - effort in building bridges between the non-Arabic reader and the text of the Qur'an.


A List of 835 words of the Quran whose frequency in the Quran is 10 and above with meaning in English



Explanatory notes on the terms of the Quran

Explanatory Notes on the Representative words of the Quran

Quranic Favorites