Foreign Policy of Hadrat Muhammad

Foreign Policy of Hadrat Muhammad

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Author: Muhammad Siddique Qureshi
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Year: 1991
Language: English
Pages: 369
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171511406


Out of various ramifications of Prophet's life, one corner is his Foreign Policy which needs further research. An independent enquirer may honestly erase apparent contradictions. This book attempts to do so.

In the contemporary world, international rivalries are on the increase, cultural tensions are splitting human society. Change, constant change, like sheer sped, in every sphere of world is an abiding element. His very existence is threatened by the forces of his own creation. Therefore, if he wishes to play his role as vanguard for humanity in the march of its destiny, the Muslims will have to study the example of Muhammad, whose consummate skill as statesman, administrator, policy-maker and legislator still remains ideal for all the Muslims.


1. Foreign Policy
2. Preaching of Islam
(A) Letters to the Kings
1. To the Negus
2. King of Bahrayan
3. King of oman
4. Heraclus
5. Ruler of Alexandria and Egypt
6. Ruler of Yamama
7. Ruler of Syria
8. Kesra
9. Ruler of Ma'au
10. Chief of Bwsra
11. Zhul Kula Hamairi
12. King of Ghassan
13. Ma'adi karb bin Al-Barha
14. Tribe of Lakhm
15. Khalid bin Damad al-Azadi
16. Abd Yaghus bin Ilta Al-Harithi
17. Musailima, the Liar
18. Abu Dabyan Al-Azdi
19. Chiefs of Himyar
20. Bani Anseeb
21. Hilal, ruler of Bahrayn
22. Daughter, the Bishop
23. Chief of Ailah
24. Bani Zuhair bin Uqaish
25. Ahbiyeen
26. Bakr bin wail
27. Nahshil bin Malik Al-Wailee
28. Hajar
29. People of Najran
30. Nufatha ad-Dili
(B) The Year of Deputations
1. Muzainah Deputation
2. Sa'b bin Bakr Deputation
3. Ashjah Deputation
4. Khushni Deputation
5. Al-Ash'arin Deputation
6. Daus Deputation
7. Judham Deputation
8. Juhayna Deputation
9. Th'alaba Deputation
10. Bani Abd-ibn-'Adiy Deputation
11. Bahla Deputation
12. Sada Deputation
13. Abd Al-Qais Deputation
14. Sulaym Deputation
15. Hawazin Deputation
16. Mustaliq deputation
17. Thumala Deputation
18. Al-Haddan Deputation
19. Banu Tamim Deputation
20. 'Uzrah Deputation
21. Bali Deputation
22. Hamdan Deputation
23. Kinanah Deputation
24. Thaqif Deputation
25. Asad Deputation
26. Fazarah Deputation
27. Dhi Murra Deputation
28. Kilab Deputation
29. Qasheer b. Ka'b Deputation
30. Bani Al-Bakka Deputation
31. Baihraa Deputation
32. Taya Deputation
33. Tujeeb Deputation
34. Harith b.Ka'b Deputation
35. Khulan Deputation
36. Amir Deputation
37. Ghamid Deputation
38. Ghassan Deputation
39. Salaman Deputation
40. Ubas Deputation
41. Muharib Deputation
42. Azud Deputation
43. Kinda Deputation
44. Hadramut Deputation
45. Hanifah Deputation
46. Najran Deputation
47. Aish Deputation
48. Zubayd Deputation
49. Waa'il b. Hajar Deputation
50. 'Amir b. sa'sa'ah Deputation
51. Sa'd Hudhaim Deputation
52. Rawa'as b. Kalab Deputation
53. Jathan Deputation
54. Aqeel b. Ka'b Deputation
55. Ja'da Deputation
56. Hilal Deputation
57. Ju'fi Deputation
58. Bani Muntafiq Deputation
59. Tariq b. Abdullah Deputation
60. Bakr b. Waa'il Deputation
61. Taghlib Deputation
62. Sheeban Deputation
63. Murad Deputation
64. Sadaf Deputation
65. Kalb Deputation
66. Jarm Deputation
67. Sa'd Al-Asheera Deputation
68. Ans Deputation
69. Aslam Deputation
70. Mahra Deputation
71. Himyar Deputation
72. Barq Deputation
73. Dareeyeen Deputation
74. Bajila Deputation
75. Azda'man Deputation
76. Ghafiq Deputation
77. Madhhaj Deputation
78. Khasa'm Deputation
79. Tin'ah Deputation
80. Nukha Deputation
3. Relations Regarding Treaties
(A) Principles of Treaties
1. Kinds of Treaties After War
2. Methods to End War
3. Nature of the Treaty
4. Effects of a Treaty of Peace
5. Elements of the Treaty
6. Ratification of Treaties
7. Amendment of Treaty
8. Interpretation of Treaties
9. Denunciation of Treaties
10. Hostages and Pledges
11. Observance of Treaty
12. Kinds of breach of Treaty
13. Characteristics of Treaties
14. Basic Aim Treaties
15. Treaties and Religious Tolerance
(B) Treaties
1. First Pledge of Aqba
2. Second Pledge of Aqba
3. Migration of the Apostle
4. Charter of Medina
5. Treaty of Juhaynad
6. Treaty of Abwa or Banu Damrah
7. Treaty of Buwat
8. Treaty of Banu Madlaj
9. Treaty of Ashjah
10. Treaty of Banu Ghifar
11. Treaty with Ainiya b. Hisn
12. Efforts for a Truce with the chiefs of Ghatfan
13. Treaty with St. Catherine
14. Treaty of Hudaibiyah
15. Treaty of Khuza'a
16. Treaty of Khyber
17. Treaty of Fidak
18. Treaty of Wadi-ul-Qura
19. Treaty of Taima
20. Treaty of Banu Aareez and Banu Ghazia
20. Annulment of the Treaty of Hudaibiyah and the Treaty of
22. Treaty of Mozayana
23. Treaty of Jurash
24. Treaty of Aslam
25. Treaty of Thaqif
26. Treaty of Daumat-ul-Jandal
27. Treaty of Ailah
28. Treaty of Jarba
29. Treaty of Andhruh
30. Treaty of Maqna
31. Treaty of Najran
32. Treaty of Tabala
33. Treaty of Treaties with Bani Al-Harq and Bani Al-Jurmuz

Ghazwas and Expeditions
(1) Ghazwas and Expeditions against the Quraish
1. Expedition of Hamza
2. Expedition of Rabigh
3. Expedition of Kharrar
4. Ghazwa of al - Abwa or Waddan
5. Ghazwa of Buwat
6. Ghazwa of Bahran
7. Ghazwa of First Badr
8. Ghazwa of Al-Ushayra
9. Expedition of Nakhla
10. Great Ghazwa of Badr
11. Ghazwa of Sawiq
12. Expedition of Al-Qaradah
13. Ghazwa of Uhud
14. Ghazwa of Hamra'ul Asad
15. Last Expedition of Badr
16. Ghazwa of Al-Ahzab of Trench
17. Expedition of Amr b.Umayya
18. Ghazwa of Hudaybiya
19. Expedition of Al-Is
20. Umrat-ul-Qada
21. Expedition of the Coast
22. Submission of Makka
1. Declaration of Peace
2. Declaration of Independence
3. Sacredness of Human Life
4. Declaration of Human Equality
(2) Ghazwas and Expeditions against the Jews
Expedition of Salim b.Umayr
Ghazwa of Bani-Qaynuqa'a
Expedition of Muhammad b.Maslama
Ghazwa of Bani Nadir
Expedition of Abdullah b.Atik
Ghazwa of Bani Qurayza
Expedition of Abdullah b Rawaha
Expedition of Kurz b.Jabir
Ghazwa of Khyber
Ghazwa of Wadiu'I Qura
(3) Ghazwas and Expeditions Against Bani Hawazin
Expedition of Dhatul-Araq
Expedition of Omar
Ghazwa of Hawazin
Ghazwa of Tayef
(4) Ghazwas and Expeditions against the Christians
Ghazwa of Dumatu'l-Jandal
Expedition of Dumatu'l-Jandal
Expedition of Mu'tah
Expedition of Tayyi
Ghazwa of Tabuk
Expedition of Dumatul-Jandal
Expedition of Usama b.Zaid
(5) Ghazwas and Expeditions against the Banu Ghatafan and Juhayan
Ghazwa of Dhu Amarr
Ghazwa of Qarqarat'ul-Kurd
Ghazwa of Banu Mushtaliq
Ghazwa of Dnu Qarad
Expedition of Wadi'-Qara
Expedition of Munaqa'ah
Expedition of Harqah
Ghazwa of Dhatu'l-Riqa
Expedition of Muharib
Expedition of Qutba b.Aamir
Expedition of Tarya
Expedition of Ali

(6) Expeditions against Banu Sulaym
Incident of Bi'r-Ma-'unah
Expedition of Jamum
Expedition of Ibn Ab'il-Awja
Expedition of Qadid

(7) Expeditions Against Banu Kilab and Banu Murra
Expedition of Amr b.Umayya al-Darmi
Expedition of Muhammad b.Maslama
Expedition of Banu Kilab
Expedition of Bani Murra
Expedition of Dihak b.Sufyan Kilabi

(8) Expedition Against Banu 'Adal And Banu Qarah
Expedition of al-Raji'

(9) Expedition Banu Tha'lba
Expedition of Dhu'l -Qissa
Expedition of Tarf
Expedition of Hasmi

(10) Expedition Against Banu Tamim
Expedition of Uyayna b.Hisn

(11) Ghazwas and Expeditions Against Banu Lihyan
Expedition of Abdullah b.Unays
Ghazwa of Bani Lihyan

(12) Expedition Against Jusham b. Mu'awiya
Expedition of Abu Hadrad Aslami

(13) Expedition Against Bani Jadhimah
Expedition of Khalid b. Walid

(14) Expedition Against Banu Asad and Banu Quza'ah
Expedition of Qatan
Expedition of Ukkashah
Expedition of Dhatul Salasil

(15) Expedition Against Bani Fizarah, Udhrah, Quza'ah
Expedition of Umm Qurfah
Expedition of Fidak
Expedition of Dhat Atlah

(16) Expedition Against Banu Umayya b. Zaid
Expedition of Umayya b.Adiy al-Khatmi

(17) Expedition Against Banu Sa'd b. Bakr
Expedition of Fidak

(18) Expedition Against Banu Kinanah

(19) Expedition Against Banu Hudhayl
Expedition of Amr'Aas

(20) Expedition Against Aus Khazraj
Expedition of Sa'd Ashhali

5. Islam and Sword