South Indian Kitchen

South Indian Kitchen

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Author: Kalp Mithal
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2007
Language: English
Pages: 96
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817436157X


This multicolored and elegantly produced handy guide carries carefully selected recipes with photographs of respective delicacies.

It was not long ago that any reference to south Indian food would bring to the mind of a north Indian images of dosas (plain pancakes), vadas (fried patties), idlis (steamed rice cakes) and uttapams (vegetable pancakes). But the fact is that the cuisine of all the four south Indian states, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, is not exactly the same.


Flavours of South India Basic Preparations

Alisa (Wheat Soup with meat)
Thakkali Rasam (Tamato Soup)
Kanji (Rice soup flavoured with coconut milk)
Mutton Samosas (Mutton patties)
Murukku (Rice curls)
Medu Vada (Black gram patties)
Sago Vada (Sago patties)
Bhajiya (Red gram patties)
Arvi Bonda (Crispy colocasia)
Achhar Idli (Pickled pancakes)
Sevain Idli (Vermicelli pancakes)
Masala Uttapam (Spicy pancakes)
Plain Dosa (Plain pancakes)
Masala Dosa (Stuffed pancakes)
Adai (Miixed dal pancakes)
Godumai (Wheat flour pancakes)
Erachi Khorma (Mutton korma)
Erachi Ulathiatu (Fried mutton flavoured with coconut)
Erachi Porichathu (Fried mutton)
Eralu Achhar (Pickled liver)
Erachi Varatiyathu (Spicy mutton masala)
Malabar Kozhambu (Malabar chicken curry)
Kozi Porichathu (Fried chicken)
Kozi Khorma (Chicken flavoured with coconut)
Meen Porichathu (Fried fish)
Meen Mulaki Hathu (Fried Chilli fish)
Meen Molee (Fish curry)
Era Kozhambu (Prawn curry)
Araitha Sambhar (Red gram with vegetables)
Prangi Kai Puli Curry (Tangy pumpkin curry)
Avial (Mixed vegetables with coconut)
Mottacos Poriyal (Stir-fried cabbage)
Gutti Vonkaya Kura (Stuffed brinjals)
Yelamincha Saadham (Lemon rice)
Thayir Saadham (Yoghurt rice)
Thengai Saadam (Coconut rice)
Kadugn Saadam (Mustard rice)
Eruchina Kay Pachhadi (Groundnut Chutney)
Vonkya Pachhadi (Brinjal Chutney)
Kariyapak Pachhadi (Curry leaves Chutney)
Mirialu and Eligadda Podi (Garlic and coconut powder)
Chitlam Podi (Mixed dal powder)
Parippu Payasam (Green gram flavoured with coconut milk)
Yel Adai (Coconut and rice pancakes)
Rawa Kesari (Semolina flavoured with saffron)

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