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Author: M D Nalapat
Publisher: Har-Anand
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 296
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8124105758


This volume is a workbook of the Secular Nationalists who profess that today the India is a composite of Vedic, Mughal and Western traditions, each fusing seamlessly into the other, as music and dance demonstrate.

In this well organized and perceptive book the author analyzes the concepts of Nationalism, Secularism and Hindutva and holds the view that since the tragic assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, "Nationalism" has subliminally equated with communal stance on societal issues, while" Secularism" has inevitably paired with an internationalist approach that concentrates on" World Opinion" at the cost of Indian interests.

Indutva represents the fusion of the essential concept of secularism and nationalism into a single, coherent, dialogue structure that combines a practical approach. It is a framework that accepts the need to accept; adjust to the virtue of adjustment. The world outside is a necessary part of Indian life, but the fit needs to be molded in a way that domestic interests get enhanced by the interaction. It envisages security structure of diamond strength, and domestic policies fashioned out of silk, so as not to harm the Indian people even while they are encouraged and protected.


Indutva - Moderation. The Key to Harmony

India First - Wafflers cannot be Winners

Results are the Best Image -Builders, Vajpayee

With UF as the Enemy, BJP does not need friends

Changing to Conquer - Adjusting the BJP to Indian Reality

Jinnah Revisited - Fostering Insecurity in Minorities

Candidate Selection Crucial to Rao's Success

Clamour for Sonia - Last gasp of a Moribund Culture

Return of Nehruism or Keeping Down those Shifty Natives

Rao's Achilles' Heel Allies, not Rebels, are the Real Foes

Lessons from 1969 Congress Politics Then and Now

Reviving the Congress Virtues of Bitter Pill

Congress: A split that was Waiting to Happen

The 'Messiah' School vs. The Realists

Congress has Two Conflicting Strategies to Regain Power

'Masterly Inactivity' no Longer an Option for PM

Congress Revival: Will Sonia Show a Constructive Spirit?

Sonia's Game Plan: Can the 'Dynasty' make a Comeback?

Sonia Gandhi: Placebo or Miracle Cure

From Garibi Hatao to Tandoor Murder; The Crime Story of Indian Politics

Congress Leadership to Decide on Future Strategy

Rescue Bid if West Agrees

The Agenda Behind the 'Hidden Agenda' Cry

'Moderate' Terrorism; Kashmir is Only the Beginning

India's Kashmir Policy: Separate Wolves from the Sheep

A Misstep on the Brink of Victory

Reaching Heaven Through Selling Drugs

Peace and Politics Go Together

India Should Move to Protect its Own Interests in Afghanistan

The Red Herring - Pakistan's Role in Dividing Asia

Moderate vs. Fundamentalist Asia as Next Theatre of War

A Friend Returns to Beijing

India-Pakistan Talks - Keep your Fingers crossed

Talks with Pakistan - India Should Mix Firmness with conciliation

Make No Concessions to the Terror Network

Drugs-Terror Nexus May Cause Undoing of Pakistan

Back Benazir Bhutto - downside of Kebab Diplomacy

Advantageous Alliance - India and Pakistan Should Join Hands

Ties with Pakistan - Why Not Play the Business Card?

China: Emerging Fault lines Spell Trouble

Two to Tango - A New Partnership with China

Spiking Rao to Boost Clinton

To Believe or not to Believe in Uncle Sam

Indo-US Relations - Giving Too Much for Nothing

India as 'Uncle Tom' - crawling When Asked to Bend

Dishonest Broker - US Role in Indo-Pakistan Relations

Acknowledging the Reality: India's Emergence as a Major Power

India's Taliban - Too Many Cooks Spoil he Broth

Playing Possum - Wishful Thinking on Strategic issues

Supping with the Devil - Fundamentalists must be Shunned

The Ostrich Option - Ignoring Jabs at Indian Security

Diplomatic Dinosaurs - Left Behind in a Changing World

World of Information - The Importance of being Credible

Substance, not Form - Mistaking Posturing for Progress

Different Strokes - Relevance of Asymmetrical Responses

A Vote for Reforms - Lessons from Southern Debacle

Crossroads: India's Tryst with the Future

Regionalism: Rainbow Bridge or Great Divide

Elections 1996 - The Emergence of Kathakali Politics

Political Loyalties: The Value of Federalism

Reservations losing Appeal as Economy Expands

Widening the Net - Bringing a Corrupt Elite to Book

When the Law becomes a Mischievous Ass

Regressive Restrictions - Make History the Best Polity

Seshan's Hidden Ally - Vanishing Tolerance for Misfeasance

MNC-Bashing: Playing Chicken with Economy

More: Not Less - Improving the Delivery of Justice

The Silence of the Lambs: Party elections and the EC

Autonomous Airwaves - Getting the Big Picture right

The Thumb of Ekalavya - India's Security Interests and US

Nuclear Neo-Racism - Ending Technological Apartheid

India's Geopolitical Options After the Tests

Scientists See End to Nuclear Neglect

India was 'Forced' to Conduct Nuclear Tests

India's Defense - Capability Must Match Rhetoric

Run, Don't Crawl - Need for Action, not Rhetoric

Jhatka is Better than Halal, Gujralji