The Political Economy of Development in India - Expanded Edition

The Political Economy of Development in India - Expanded Edition

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Author: Pranab Bardhan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 154
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019564770x


In this insightful and easily accessible classic, Prof. Bardhan the political and economic constraints on Indian development and n this process, highlights the nature of relationship between the government and different interest groups.

This stimulating and thought- provoking book examines the political economy aspects of the recent policy reforms in India. Given dominant anti-market streak in the Indian political culture, collective passion for group equity and deep suspicion of competition, the author cautions that our expectations of the success of these reforms should be based on ground realities.


A book that is stimulating and thought provoking.
- The Economic Journal

Bardhan offers a compelling model for thinking about the political economy of growth in India, sufficiently rooted in reality to raise complex empirical and theoretical questions.
- Ronald Herring, Journal of Asian Studies

A notable contribution in a field which, though exceedingly important, has been neglected by Indian economists.
- P N Dhar, Indian Economic Review

The most important contribution of this book is a certain class analysis of the Indian society, and a certain kind of class struggle that he describes as leading to the present crisis in Indian society.
- Ashok Rudra, Economic and Political Weekly




Growth in Agriculture

Deceleration in Industrial Growth

Public Investment and Slow Economic Growth

The State as an Autonomous Actor

The Dominant Proprietary Classes

The Effects of these Conflicts on Public Mobilization and Management of Capital

Conflict Management and its Relation to the Democratic Process

Appendix: Tables (1950-51 to 1981-82)


Epilogue on the Political Economy of Reform in India

Appendix: Tables (1980-81 to 1995-96)