The Political Economy of Hunger - Selected Essays

The Political Economy of Hunger - Selected Essays

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Author: Amartya Sen
Jean Dreze/Athar Hussain
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 626
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019564963x


This collection of influential essays addresses a wide range of political issues relating to the role of public action in combating hunger and deprivation in the modern world.

This book is a classic analysis of an extraordinary paradox: in a world of food surplus and satiety, hunger kills millions more each year than do wars or political repressions. It covers topics like the characteristics and casual antecedents of famine and endemic deprivation: the interconnections between economic and political factors: the problems of women's deprivation: he connection between food consumption and other indicators of living standards: the medical aspects of hunger undernourishment and its consequences.

Ranging from Africa to South Asia to China, and written by an international array of authorities, this collection gives the best possible analysis of the causes of worldwide hunger and deprivation, and provide hope for effective aid policies in the future.


A considerable, and highly stimulating contribution. - Journal of Development Studies

An important book with immediate implications for countless lives. - Journal of Economic Literature


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Introduction (By Athar Hussain)
Introduction to the Political Economy of Hunger
Food, Economics, and Entitlements
Famine prevention in India
An Independent Press and Anti-hunger strategies: The Indian Experience
The Intrafamily distribution of Hunger in South Asia
Public Policy and Basic Need Provision; Intervention and achievement in Sri Lanka
The Food Problem of Bangladesh
The Elimination of Endemic Poverty In South Asia: Some Policy Options
Feeding China: The Experience Since 1949
The Food Crises in Africa: A Comparative Structural Analysis
Famine Prevention in Africa: Some Experiences and Lessons