Satyajit Ray - An Intimate Master

Satyajit Ray - An Intimate Master

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Author: Santi Das
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 238
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8170237483


This volume with 400 illustrations several of them appearing in print for the first time, the product of several years of research with rich collection of relevant documentary and archival material and memorabilia is the most authoritative and reliable work on Satyajit Ray.

Satyajit Ray: An Intimate Master is an invaluable source work for studies in the work of Satyajit Ray and offers fascinating reading at the same time. Specially commissioned articles by experts and some of Ray's closest associates. relations and friends provide insights into the entire range of the creativity of Satyajit Ray. The contributions unravel features never before touched upon - all those subterranean elements that went into making of his films and his artistic characters. They should serve to open up new approaches to and possibilities for fresh readings of Ray's work in fiction, design and filmmaking alike.

The 400 odd illustrations - several of them appearing in print for the first time - bring together a wide range of films stills, working stills, book illustrations, early drawings and sketches, brochures, portraits, caricatures, jacket designs giving readers a rare chance of studying the entirety of Ray's visual imagination and artistic craftsmanship.

A selection of reviews of Ray's films, national and international, arranged chronologically and filmwise offer a record of the world's perception of and response to his films over four decades, in historical perspective.




In His Times

The First Time

Designer and Illustrator


Sandesh Revived


Making of Pather Panchali

His Films


Reception / Recognition


Biographical Profile