Daawat - The Television Series

Daawat - The Television Series

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Author: Jiggs Kalra
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 314
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8177641492


Based on India's first T.V Food show Daawat showcases the fabulous culinary heritage of India.

Daawat presents an exciting range of recipes contributed by accomplished master chefs and promising talents drawn from the four corners of India's vast and varied land. Memorable meals, perennial favorites, exotic dishes and interesting experiments-these recipes will lead the reader on a discovery of India with its many-splendored gastronomic riches.

A natural sequel to the bestseller Prashad: Cooking with Indian Masters, Kalra's Daawat promises yet another wonderful encounter with Indian cooking.



Sahibzada Syed Habib-ur-Rehman

Making of Daawat - An Introduction
Pushpesh Pant

Episode 001

Shahjehani Qorma
Kid/Lamb in Apricot, Coconut, Pistachio and Almond Gravy

Thaeer Saadam
Southern Curd Rice

Episode 002

Lauki Ka Kofta Paalak Ki Tarri
Bottle Gourd Kofta stuffed with Dried Plums in Spinach Gravy

Aloobukhara Kofta
Kid/Lamb Kofta stuffed with Dried Plums in Spinach Gravy

Zaafraani Kofta
Breast of Chicken Kofta in Saffron Gravy

Episode 003

Ginger Lamb Chops
Braised fat-free Kid/Lamb Chops

Dahi Mein Sabzion Ka Guldasta
Bouquetiere of braised fat-free vegetables on bed of honey-glazed Aubergine Slices

Episode 004

Harra Kebab
Pan Grilled Spinach Patties stuffed with Nutty Cottage Cheese

Aloobukhara Kofta
Kid/Lamb Kofta stuffed with Dried Plums in Spinach Gravy

Tandoori Jheenga
Tandoor Grilled Prawns

Murgh Malai Kebab
Royal Cumin-flavored boned breast of Chicken glazed in the Tandoor

Paneer Tikka
Tandoor Grilled Cottage Cheese Cubes

Episode 005

Bharwaan Zaafraani Murgh
Stuffed Breast of Chicken in Saffron Gravy

Bharwaan Zaafraani Guchchi
Stuffed Morels in Saffron Gravy

Episode 006

Milagu Kozhi Chettinad
Chicken in Chettinad Pepper Gravy

Lal Maas
Kid/Lamb in Rajasthani Chilli Gravy

Episode 007

Kekrah Peri-Peri
Lobster in Goan Chilli, Tomato and Vinegar Gravy

Doi Maach
Bengali Fish in Mustard-laced Yoghurt Gravy

Bhaarla Saaranga
Konkan Coast's Baked Pomfret stuffed with Roe and Coriander Chutney

Meen Moiley
Red Snapper in Malabar Coconut and Lemon Gravy

Episode 008

Bhaarwaan Baingan Mutter
Stuffed Eggplant in Green Pea Gravy

Jheenga Nariyal Kharbooja
Prawn Coconut and Honeydew Salad in Yoghurt, Honey and Dill Dressing

Bhoona Chooza Aur Chaamp
Prawn Mousse stuffed Fish Roulade in Carom Gravy

Episode 009

Dum Ki Biryani
Aromatic Basmati Rice with Braised Kid/Lamb from Hyderabad

Parsi Kid/Lamb and Lentil Stew Served with Lamb Kebab and Brown Rice

Chutney Pulao
Aromatic Basmati Rice with Potatoes in Mint and Coriander Chutney

Daal Baati Churma
Wheat Cakes with Lentils and Candied Sugar

Episode 010

Mahi Dum Anaari
Baby Pomfret stuffed with Squid, Scallops and Pomegranate in Fenugreek-tempered Yoghurt Gravy

Phaldari Kofta
Raw Banana Kofta stuffed with Morels and Oyester Mushrooms in Cashewnuts and Tomato Gravy

Seekh-e-Dum Pukht
Tandoor Grilled Chicken Sausage stuffed with Crab Meat

Paneer Kandahari
Cottage Cheese "Sandwiches" in Yoghurt and Tomato Gravy

Episode 011

Lahori Aloo
Potatoes Fried in Onion and Yoghurt Gravy

Pista Ka Saalan
Kid/Lamb in Pistachio Gravy

Nader "Gushtaba"
Lotus Stem Kofta stuffed with Figs and Walnuts in Almond Gravy

Murgh Shahi Qorma
Chicken Drumsticks wrapped in Saffron, Poppy Seed and Clotted Cream Masala

Episode 012

Thengenkai Kori
Chicken Breast in Coconut and Yoghurt Gravy

Bendakai Pulusu
Okra in Tomato and Tamarind Gravy

Erha-Meen Mulakittathu
Prawn and Sole Combo in Fennel Gravy

Koorina Kakarakaya
Stuffed Bitter Gourd in Mustard Seeds and Coconut Gravy

Episode 013

Veen Pongal
Savoury Rice and Moong Lentil

Chakkara Pongal
Jaggery-sweetened Rice and Moong Lentil

Aezhethan Kozhambu
Vegetable and Lentil Stew tempered with Curry Leaf

Masala Vadai
Lentil "Donut" with Thin Tomato Gravy

Episode 014

Tarlleli Surmai
Kingfish in tangy Spinach Gravy from Coastal Maharashtra

Kolhapuri Mutton
Maharashtrian Kid/Lamb Chops in Chilli, Sesame and Poppy Seed Gravy

Cooked Vegetables and Raw Bananas served with Fenugreek and Gramflour Dumplings from Gujarat

Aloo-Papaya Chaat with Avocado
Potato, Papaya and Avocado Salad with Fennel and Jaggery Dressing

Episode 015

Bharwaan Jheenga Zaafraan
Stuffed Prawns in Carom and Cardamom Gravy

Patra Roulade
Sauteed Vegetables in Colocassia Leaves

Episode 016

Avanasa Sasam
Pineapple Salad in Coconut and Jaggery Dressing

Chenaikandae Masala Barthathu
Tamarind-marinated Yam in Tomato Gravy

Coondapur Koli Thalna
Chicken Legs in piquant Manalorean Pepper and Chilli Gravy

Muru Curry
Oyesters in Velvety Coconut Gravy

Episode 017

Grilled Chicken Leg with BBQ Sauce

Bangaloori Grilled Lobster

Mustard Chutney Marinated Grilled Bataer

Grilled Broccoli

Episode 018
Til Ki Tikki
Cottage Cheese Croquettes rolled in Sesame Seeds

Talahua Paneer Pasanda
Tamarind-marinated Yam in Tomato Gravy

Khatta Murgh
Cottage Cheese-stuffed Breast of Chicken in Yoghurt Cheese Gravy

Dhingri Dulma
Cottage Cheese Scramble with Champignon and Bell Peppers

Episode 019

Bataer Kofta
Stuffed with Tartare of Prawns in Pepper Gravy

Bataer-Bharra Murgh Pasanda
Breast of Chicken stuffed with Quail Farce in Saffron and Nutmeg Gravy

Duck Moiley
Cubes of Duck in East Indian bottled Masala Gravy

Bataer Harra Masala
Quails Marinated and Cooked in Pomegranate, Coriander and Mint Chutney

Episode 020

Jheenga Murgh Jugalbandi
Smoked Prawns and Chicken in Pumpkin Gravy

Nalliwala Meat
Lamb Shanks in Saffron and Poppy Seed Gravy

Bharwaan Gobhipatta Akhrot Ki Tarri
Cabbage Leaves stuffed with Peppered vegetables in Walnut Gravy

Baghare Baingan Tower
Eggplant Concasse layered between Aubergine slices in Peanut, Tamarind and Basil Gravy

Episode 021

Ghosht Ki Parandi
Braided Kid/Lamb fillets in Green Peppercorn and Star Anise Gravy

Khatte Baingan
Eggplant in Tomato and Tamarind Gravy

Paalak Ki Potli
Spinach Pouches stuffed with Cottage Cheese and Mushrooms in Lentil Gravy

Sunehri Khurchan
Stir-fried Chicken and Bitter Gourd Pies

Episode 022

Uttar-Dakshin Murghbandi
Stuffed Chicken Breast in North-South Fusion Gravy

Gramflour Pancakes

Battani Masala
Peppery Green Peas tempered with Cumin and Curry Leaf

Episode 023

Chura Mattar
Rose water-soaked pounded Rice Flakes and Green Peas stir-fried with Mango Powder and Orange Juice

Aloo Dum Banarasi
New Potatoes in Coriander and Tamarind Gravy

Bharra Murgh Khumbi Ki Tarri
Stuffed Chicken Breast in spicy Mushroom Gravy

Taar Qorma
Kid/Lamb in Almond and Yoghurt Gravy

Episode 024

Phaldari Murgh
Stuffed Chicken Breast in Grape and Pomegranate Gravy

Murgh-Jheenga Guchchiwali Tarri
Stuffed Chicken Breast in Morel and Pernod Gravy

Episode 025

Bharwaan Murgh Seib Ki Tarri
Stuffed Chicken Breast Apple and Cinnamon Gravy

Gosht-Palak Kaleji Ka Roulade
Kid/Lamb, Spinach and Liver in Beetroot Gravy

Bharwaan Gaajar Ka Timbale
Carrot Timbale in Coconut Coriander Gravy

Bharwaan Mahi Kofta
French Quenelles in Coconut Coriander Gravy

Episode 026

Turkey Mussallam

Tandoori Jheenga Flan

Savoury Pancake

X'mas Pudding

Episode 027

Drumsticks and Lentils

Cholar Daal
Lentils and Raisins tempered with Mustard Seeds

Daal Makhani
Lentils enriched with Butter, Cream and Tomato Puree

Kulthi Ki Daal
Wild Kidney Beans tempered with Himalayan Chives

Episode 028

Kaddu Ka Kaalcha
Bottle Gourd with Lentils

Keerai Kootu
Spinach with Lentils

Kheema Chholey
Chick Peas and Kid/Lamb Mince Timbale

Soney Chandi Ke Moong
Green Moong Lengil granished with Gold and Silver "Marbles"

Episode 029

Anjeer-Akhrot-Rabarhi Mille Feuille
Fig and Walnut Mille Feuille

Shrikhand Strudel
Saffron-tinged Yoghurt Cheese Sturdel

Malpua "Omlette"
Fruit Salsa in Semolina Pancakes

Badam Barfi
Almond Fudge

Episode 030

Rare Sweet Rice and Savoury Lamb Dessert

Gulaab Jaamum
Saffron-tinged Yoghurt Cheese Sturdel

Fruit Salsa in Semolina Pancakes

Rabri & Khoya
Reduced Milk


Episode 031

Spicy Potato and Green Peas Pastry

Goolar Kebab
Fig and Orange Rind Stuffed Kid/Lamb Meatballs

Episode 032

Nariyal Ka Murraba
Coconut Preserve

Murgh Ka Achaar
Chicken Pickle

Kachche Papite Ka Murabba
Raw Papaya Preserve

Prawn Balchao
Goan Prawn Pickle