A New World

A New World

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Author: Amit Chaudhuri
Publisher: Picador India
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 200
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0330351060


Now available in paper back edition, this novel is the story of an ordinary man's wry acceptance of a sense of failure. It is also a generous, unsentimental and often moving account of the life as lived.

A New World is a story of Jayojit, a semi successful writer, now divorced, has finally retrieved his son Bonny for his summer holidays. They are leaving their home in American Midwest and going back to Calcutta, to his grandparents, the Admiral and his wife.

A New World watches Jayojit and his son as they share the dark, close flat with his parents while the city outside is blanketed in fierce summer heat. Amit Chaudhuri delineates with breathtaking delicacy the details of married lives - of an elderly couple entrenched in the unquestioning roles of their past and of a modern marriage now sharply severed in two.


A very clever, very successful piece of work. It is beautifully, quietly written. You read it thinking Amit Chaudhuri has hit the target . . Never wordy, the writhing feeds complexities into the characters with subtle clarity. Here is a wonderful book in plain English, which deserves to be enthusiastically accepted. - Spectator

Chaudhuri beautiful fourth novel offers delicate tableaux vivants. It whispers its visions to us with an eerie intimacy and power. But what most distinguishes A New World is not its narrative contours, but its repose. It is a gentle book of tremendous patience and sensitivity. - Times Literary Supplement

The brilliance of his words lie in their sheer simplicity. A skilful writer, he effortlessly blurs the boundary of time and space . . Chaudhuri's controlled writing, which is also very lyrical, firmly places him among the front-runners of contemporary Indo-Anglican writers. - Asian Age

Chaudhuri holds our attention with unobtrusive evocation of place, texture and humanity. - Economist

He is minimal, unobtrusive and precise with words and yet is able to load them with a languorous cadence that is unmistakably intrinsically romantic. - Statesman

Short, controlled and fiercely witty . . Its structure is linear and taut; its gaze has a new maturity. - Independent