The Sikh and the Khalsa

The Sikh and the Khalsa

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Author: Surindar Singh Kholi
Publisher: National Book shop
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 104
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171162961


This book, addressed to the Sikhs living in foreign lands, seeks to provide good guidance to the understanding of characteristics of a Sikh.

The idea for the present book has been given by a good Sikh of Coventry, who said that during his experience as an important office-bearer of a Gurdwara, he had come across many shades of a Sikh, who even did not know the exact definition of Sikh. Since a Sikh is not only concerned with the historical development of Sikhism, he has to understand the role of the Guru, the Sadh Sangat, and the Name for a Sikh. He has also to grasp the characteristics of a Sikh and rise to greater spiritual heights with the help of the enlightened Sikhs in the congregation.


* Foreword
* The origin of Sikhism
* The Sikh and the Khalsa
* Characteristics of a Sikh
* Sadh Sangat and the Sikh
* God's Name and the Sikh
* The Sikh before the creation of Khalsa
* Sahajdhari Sikhs and the Khalsa Sikhs