100 Great Adventures

100 Great Adventures

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Author: John Canning
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 672
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Vast in span and kaleidoscopic in content this book depicts the massive saga of human spirit in 100 stories of great adventure.

Gathered together, here are one hundred of the great adventures in human annals. They range widely through time and space from Moses to Mohammad to Hillary, Fuchs and Chchester; from pole to pole, from the jungles of South America to the ever brooding stillness of the high Himalayas and the darkness of space. It is the human courage that provides the unifying theme.

Taken together each of the stories reflects a new aspect of man's ever-aspiring daring that is not only exceptionally entertaining and impressive but also deeply moving.


Editor's Note
Moses and the Promised Land
Mohammed's escape from Mecca
St Francis of Assisi
Richard I and the Third Crusade
Joan of Arc and the Siege of orleans
In Search of India
The Conquest of Mexico
Pizarro and Atahualpa
The First Crossing of South America
Narooned on the isle of Demons
Sir Francis Drake Sails into Cadiz
The First Englishman in Japan
The Sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers
Jesuit Missionaries in Latin-America
The Devil's Highway
Robinson Crusoe's Prototype
The Real Dick Turpin
Captain Viaud and Madame La Couture
The Stubborn Scot
The First Men to Fly
The Mutiny of the 'Bounty'
The Finding of the Rosetta Stone
Lewis and Clark
The Diversity of Monsieur Vidocq
Squire Waterton in South America
Elizabeth Fry at Newgate
How Hester Stanhope Became Queen of the East
The Search for the North-west Passage
The Battle of Chat Moss
The Survivors of the 'Caroline'
Grace Darling
The White Rajah or Sarawak
The Extraordinary Pilgrim
The Discovery of Angkor Vat
The Hand of Captain Danjou
The First Scalp for Custer
The Origin of the Red Cross
Dr Barnardo's Eyes are Opened
The Building of the Suez Canal
The Saga of the Cutty Sark
Stanley Finds Livingstone
Hans Schliemann Discovers Troy
Father Damien and the Lepers
Captain Webb
Crossing Patagonia in 1879
First Crossing of Greenland's Ice-Cap
Desert of Dreams
Finding the Palace at Knossos
Agnes Lewis's search for the Sinai Palimpsest
Isabella Bird, the Indomitable
Sven Hedin's trips in Central Asia
Mary Kingsley in West Africa
From the Cape to Cairo
The Siege of Mafeking
Winston Churchill's Dash to Freedom from the Boers
Roger Pocock Rides Hoseback from Canada to Mexico
Daisy Bates in Australia
Journey into the Unknown
First at the North Pole
The Discovery of Machu Picchu
Scott's Tragic Dash to the Pole
Gertrude Bell's Adventures in Arabia
The Hospital in the Forest
The 'Emden'
Lawrence the Train-Wrecker
The Flight of Alcock and Brown
Rosita Forbes's Journey to Kufra
Finding the Tomb of Tutankhamen
The Saga of Malcolm Campbell
Heroine of the Air
How 'Thetis' Died and Lived Again
"The Navy's Here!" --The Cossack and the Altmark
Gladys Aylward Leads Her Children to Safety
A Raid with the L.R.D.G.
The Miracle Caves of Montignac
The Little Ships at Dunkirk
The Great Tokyo Spy-Ring
The Arctic Convoy
He Taught the Dalai Lama
The First Aqualung Dive
The Man who Never Was
The Man who Saved London
The Rescue of Mussolini
617 Squadron Bombs the Dams
The Vaulting-Horse of Stalag-Luft III
Fitzroy Maclean's Mission to Tito
The Hunt for Eichmann
A Girl's Adventures with the Foreign Legion
The Struggle to Build the 'Nautilus'
Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Test Pilot Neville Duke Smashes Two Records at once
The Escape of H.M.S. 'Amethyst'
The Ascent of Everest
The Delta Plan
The Conquest of Nanga Parbat
The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-58
Tunnelling Through the Alps
The Mystery of the Yeti
Francis Chichester's Single-Handed Journey Round the World
Apollo 13 -- and the Moon