Economic Reform And Global Change

Economic Reform And Global Change

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Author: I G Patel
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 328
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0333 93070 3


The essays and lectures presented in this volume address the issues of reform in India and the global society as a whole.

The decade of the nineties has seen important changes in the global economic order and in the way economists look at the problems of development and economic change. The collapse of the Soviet Union has helped acceptance of the new consensus among several developing countries. The world economy is getting increasingly integrated with relatively freer trade and massive flows of capital.

A major thrust in the direction of an open competitive was made in India in 1991. The old regime of licensing and direct controls has given way to freer play of markets with greater reliance on private enterprise, including foreign capital. The unfinished agenda includes the reform of public enterprises, labor laws and much else besides.

Dr Patel anticipates some of India's economic reforms in his writing and has much to say on their progress and shortcomings as aloe on what remains to be done. His stress on efficiency is tempered by a deep humanism and concern for widespread poverty and inequalities within as well as among nations.

The introduction specially written for this collection brings the threads together and provides an insight into the author's present position on the various issues. Dr Patel's erudition and experience in government, international organizations and academic life illuminate his writing and what he has to say should appeal to policy makers, students and teachers as also citizens at large.


Apart from the substance I G PATEL'S command over the language adds to its appeal. - Business Standard
Coming from one of India's top minds it is a very welcome publication. A through provoking and stimulating collection. - Business India
This is the perfect antithesis of books which go all too narrowly and selectively, alas, into the facets of economic reforms. - Economic Times
Coming from one of India's top minds, it is a very welcome publication. - The Asian Economic Review
Altogether, a very sane, balanced and useful guide, from which policy makers both in India and abroad will be able to benefit a great deal. - The Hindu