Indian Cooking Without Fat

Indian Cooking Without Fat

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Author: Mridula Baljekar
Publisher: Metro
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 210
ISBN/UPC (if available): 1900512513


This is the book that will change the way you think about Indian cooking as it presents a revolutionary new way to enjoy healthy and delicious Indian food.

Do you think that Indian food is synonymous with fat and grease? Do you sometimes wish it wasn't so oily and that you could eat it more often? Now there is a way! Leading Indian cookery writer and television presenter Mridula Baljekar has discovered a revolutionary method so you can enjoy deliciously spiced Indian meals, packed with flavor and nutrition, but without the added fat.

Because fat contains more calories per gram than other food groups, cutting down on it is essential for a healthy, slimming diet. But above all, Mridula Baljekar uses her unrivalled knowledge of traditional Indian cooking to present an imaginative feast of beautifully flavored recipes - from chicken in natural yogurt to fish in tamarind juice and kohlrabi salad.

This book is dedicated to all those who believe that healthy eating is a way of life and that NO FAT does not necessarily mean NO TASTE.