Indian Entrepreneurial Culture

Indian Entrepreneurial Culture

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Author: Ashis Gupta
Publisher: Wishwa Prakashan
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817328041x


The present study and the resulting book was motivated by a desire to be meaningful not only to scholars but to anyone involved with or interested in Entrepreneurship.

Even though India's development performance is generally considered disappointing, the consideration of culture has become important almost by default. Empirical studies of national economic performance have failed to explain differences based on more tangible and traditional factors such as population growth, education, technological innovation, capital growth and nutrition. More and more researchers are focusing their attention on cultural values.

The culture of Indian entrepreneurship is as profound as it is paradoxical. The profundity is expressed in many an Indian entrepreneurs strenuous attempts to balance a set of 'other-worldly' expectations against the more urgent expediencies of our present world. While many such entrepreneurs raise their eyes towards heaven their feet remain firmly planted in mud and corruption. Therein lies the paradox, in the fact of which the Indian entrepreneur is ever durable and resilient.