Akbar and the Rise of the Mughal Empire

Akbar and the Rise of the Mughal Empire

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Author: G B Matteson
Publisher: LP Publications
Year: 1994
Language: English
Pages: 204
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185418128


A short biography, originally written in 1890, details the conquests and administration of a prominent Indian emperor.

Babar, founder of the Mughal dynasty in India, transmitted to his successor only the idea of the mere conqueror. Humayun inherited only that idea, and associating it with no other, lost what his father had won. It was the grandson who struck into the soil.

The first aim of Akbar was to bring all India under one scepter. His great idea was the union of all India under one head. He recognized that a union of beliefs was impossible. The union therefore must be a union of interests. To accomplish such a union, it was necessary, first , to conquer; secondly, to respect all consciences and all methods of worshipping the Almighty.

Not only was he methodical, but there ran through his method a most earnest desire to think and do what was right in itself and conducive to the great aim of his life, the building of an edifice which, rooted in the peoples hearts, would be independent of the personality of the ruler.