A Portrait of Sri Ramakrishna

A Portrait of Sri Ramakrishna

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Author: Akshay Kumar Sen
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Amrita M Salm et al
Publisher: Ramakrishna Mission
Language: English
Pages: 888
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185843929


An English translation of Sri Sri Ramakrishna Punthi, the Bengali Biography written by Akshay Kumar Sen, a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, and edited by Amrita M Salm et al.

The Punthi stands on the same footing as M.'s Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. Both give detailed information of the saint, yet the works differ in many respects. The portrait is the same, but there is no difficulty recognizing the difference between the two artists. In M.'s Gospel M is tonally absent, but in the Punthi the poet is always vocal. They are, however, equally vigilant about the Master's mysticism.

The original book was written in verse, in the typical style of a Bengali Punthi, a style in which some of the best classics in Bengali were written, in particular the two major epics: The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. In addition to the The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Ramakrishna, The Great Master, which have both been translated into English, this book, may be considered a complimentary work to them since it illustrates the life of Sri Ramakrishna, and was written by one of his direct disciples.

The author had the rare privilege of coming into contact with Sri Ramakrishna and was a witness to many episodes in the Master's life. When he decided to write this epic, he met many of Sri Ramakrishna's relatives, neighbors and friends who recalled earlier events of the Master's life so that these events would not be lost.


Publisher's Note
About the Author
Introduction by swami Vivekananda
Prayer to Ramakrishna
Prayer to the Guru
Prayer to the Devotees

Birth of the Master
Mood of Shiva
Manifestation of Divine Powers and Assuming the Guise of a Guest
Raghuvir's Garland
playing with Hanuman
In the Meadows
At School
Defeat of the Pundits
Offering by Chinu Shankhari
Possession by Vishalakshi
Writing the Punthi
Kali Puja: The Master in Woman's Dress
Demonstration of Asanas

The Sovereign Hymn to Sri Ramakrishna
Coming to Calcutta
Establishment of the Temple at Dakshineswar
Meeting Rani and Mathur
Prayer to Holy Mother
Vision of Mother Kali
Tantra Sadhana
Sadhana According to the Devotees of Rama
Fun with Haladhari and Mathur's Vision
Testing by Rani
Yoga Sadhana
Madhura Sadhana
Sadhana According to Islam
Sadhana According to Christianity
Display of Various Bhavas
Return to His Village

Hymn to Sri Ramakrishna
At Panihati and Kalutola
Hriday's Durga Puja and the Passing Away of Mathur
Holy Mother Comes to Dakshineswar
Shodasi Puja
Return to Kamarpukar
Meeting Shambhu Mallik
Michael Madhusudan Meets the Master
Sacred Reading
The Dacoit
The Master Fulfills Modak's Wish and Kirtan in His Native Place
Grace on Keshab Chandra
Incidents of Humility
Lakshmi, the Marwari
Visit of Keshab to Dakshineswar
Keshab's Vision of the divine Mother
Manomohan and Ram
Advice to Keshab on Universal Love
Initiation of Ramchandra and Coming of Surendra Mitra
Balaram meets the Master
Coming of Yogindra and Others and Departure of Hriday

Rakhal Meets the Master
Ramakrishna, the Kind-hearted
Meeting Niranjan and Celebration with the Devotees
With Narendra
Divine Play with the Devotees
Coming of Mahendra
Compassion on a Woman
A Hymn to Sri Sarada Devi
Conversation with Vidyasagar
Description of the Times and coming of Haramohan and Williams
Shashadhar Tarka Chudamani
In a Playful Mood (I)
With Householders and Sannyasin Devotees
With Brahmo Samaj Devotees at Sinthi
Coming of Sashi and Others
Grace Bestowed on the Devotees and Celebration at Adhar's
Unique Lila of the Master
At Nilakantha's Yatra
In a Playful Mood (II)
Coming, of Atul, Kalipada and Others
Removing the Pride of Nyayavagish
Assuring a Brahmin and Accepting Girish's Power of Attorney
Coming of Kali, Moni and Putna
Theory of Avatar
Birthday Celebration of the Master
Ceremony at Navagopal's Home
Celebration at Devendra's Home
In the Village of Bhadrakali
Talks on Spiritual Topics
The Master, the Most Beloved of the Devotees
Celebration of Panihati
Chariot Festival at Mahesh

Coming to Calcutta for Treatment
Durga Puja at Surrendra's House
Advice to Dr. Sarkar
More with Dr. Sarkar and Kali Puja
Compassion on an Abuser
Move to Cossipore
Fulfilling the Devotee's Spiritual Desires and Establishment of the Monastery