Indian Dance - The Ultimate Metaphor

Indian Dance - The Ultimate Metaphor

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Author: Shanta Serbjeet Singh
Publisher: Bookwise India
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 257
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187330015


This fabulous art book touches all aspects of Indian dance spanning from the traditional to the futuristic. It is a seminal volume with contributions from some of the most eminent names in their respective field of dance complemented by a rare portfolio of photographs of gurus and dancers - both past and present.

This book recognizes the fact that within India a new generation of Yamini Krishnamurtys and Sonal Mansinghs has grown up. They juggle a serious passion for dance with a host of other interests, from computer studies and mathematics to microbiology. It touches all aspects of Indian dance spanning from the traditional to the futuristic. It blends analysis and interpretation and offers a bracing perspective on how classical dance has taken shape through the ages, enriched our culture and maintained our store of wisdom, sanity and humanity, even as it prepares for the enormous challenges its faces in the new millennium.

The book celebrates the brilliant flowering of Indian dance throughout the world. Hundreds of young Dutch, Surinamese learn Odissi in Antwerp. Its school of Tabla teaching is among the best anywhere. There are Japanese teachers of Kathak in Perth. In Montreal, Toronto and many other cities of Canada, a high level of research and scholarly work on Indian dance studies has been going on for several years now. In he United States, even small towns boast of a Bharat Natyam or a Kuchipudi teacher and multi-cultural classes of enthusiastic learners.