The Secret Life of Tigers

The Secret Life of Tigers

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Author: Valmik Thaper
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 1989/2005
Language: English
Pages: 100
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019564810-2


Written in a wonderfully lucid , story telling style, and with sixteen outstanding colorplates, this book will enthrall all animal lovers and those interested in the conservation of wildlife.

Tigers have tended to live secret, nocturnal lives, making human observation of their habits extremely difficult. Valmik Thapar has spent many years in the Ranthambhore National , thanks to their protection under the umbrella of Project Tiger, the tigers have become less evasive, more visible, and familiar with the vehicles that attempt to spot and follow them.

Thapar has been able to document the family life of three tigresses and their cubs at every stage of the cubs' development, from soon after birth to adulthood. He has made some extraordinary discoveries about the lives of tigers, including the role f the father, which has been recorded for the very first time. Previously thought to play no part in rearing their cubs, the author documents male tigers in the role of father with all three tigresses.

The author has added a preface and an epilogue to this edition, updating the reader on developments in the tiger population since the book was first published.