Beyond the Veil -Indian Women in the Raj

Beyond the Veil -Indian Women in the Raj

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Author: Pran Nevile
Publisher: Nevile Books
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 144
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8190116606


Sumptuously illustrated with reproductions of the finest paintings and drawings, this art book is the first scholarly work of its kind on the formidable subject of Indian women.

Women in India have always been accorded pride of place in both religious and philosophical thought. They were capable of advanced learning in every branch of knowledge and enjoyed high status in society in Vedic times. This was followed by a long period when they were relegated behind the veil.

The British authors have left behind fascinating descriptive accounts of Indian women, their customs and manners and mode of life during the Raj period. Many of them admire the Indian women for her innate sense of modesty and sing paeans to her womanliness. As regards the visual record by British artists, the Western concept of beauty had its impact on their portrayal of Indian women.

In this well-researched attempt to look 'beyond the veil' of Indian women, the author has delineated the beauty of Indian women in such a sensitive manner that you can almost feel mesmerized by her electrifying presence. While stylishly portraying the pomp and pageantry of the performing artists, he does not overlook the anguish and pain of the traditional Indian, which she overcomes with sheer grit and fortitude. And at no point does he lose control over the narrative which provides a fascinating study of the phenomenon called woman.