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India Business Advisor

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Author: Abhijit Roy
Rakesh Roy/
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 304
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174763031


A definitive digest to the investment and economic environment.

The new NDA government has taken a number of steps to provide an impetus to the economic reforms in India. Investors, both domestic and foreign, are optimistic that India is entering a period of rapid and sustained economic growth. The timing is just right to highlight the latest developments in the economic and business environment of the country.

The book is a road-map of the Indian business environment and provides a wealth of information on the Indian economy, including investment and trade data, financial markets, tax laws and legal systems. Detailed guidelines on foreign direct investments, foreign institutional investments, NRI investments etc. have all been provided.

The book will be extremely useful to a wide range of target audience including:

Foreign companies looking at India
Businessmen/banker/corporate executives who are looking for a reference book
NRI wanting to set up a business in India
Students f professional courses


Abhijit Roy has worked with the State Bank of India in senior positions for over 20 years. A present he acts as an advisor to a world leader in Insurance and asset management.

Rakesh Roy, a chartered a\Accountant, has had nearly 20 years' experience working for multinationals. Since the last ten years, he has been running his own consultancy firm specializing in a broad spectrum of business, economic and financial services.