The Indian Economy : Recent Developments and Future Prospects

The Indian Economy : Recent Developments and Future Prospects

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Author: Robert E B Lucas
Gustav F Papanek/
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 1988
Language: English
Pages: 371
ISBN/UPC (if available): 019562419x


This volume draws together various aspects of the current economic scene in India, placing them within both the Indian and international economic contexts.

The topics discussed include the economic history of India since independence, he problems of agriculture supply and food demand, the links between employment and poverty, the influence of regulation on production, technology and resource mobilization for growth. The contributors present a comprehensive picture of the Indian economy in these and related spheres, as well as speculate on the future.

The contributors to this volume are all eminent specialists within their own spheres of economics, while the two editors are well-known for their writings on Indian economy.


Once can easily state that not only some American, but many Indian readers also will be benefited by this collection of essays which may serve, or some time at least, as a better text book on the Indian economy than those that dominate the market today - The Economic Times

In articles noted for perspicacious analysis the purple patches have been identified. The areas that need attention have been marked. The valuable suggestions in this authoritative study of the Indian economy are well worth adoption. - Chronicle


Robert E B Lucas is Professor of Economics at Boston UniversityGutav F Papanek is Director of the Center for Asian Development Studies, Boston University