Raghu Rai's Delhi

Raghu Rai's Delhi

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Author: Pavan K Varma
Publisher: HarperCollins
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172230923


In this large size art book with around 100 illustrations, Raghu Rai lends his creative genius to capturing the multiplicity of the city of paradoxes and Pawan Varma with his easy flowing sensitive text sums the historical perspective.

Delhi, the seat of power for many centuries, the Hindu kings, the Mughals and hen the rule of the British empire a congregation of varied cross cultures and its historic has carved its own etchings on cultural and socio political landscape of this capital city.

Raghu Rai lends his creative genius to capturing the multiplicity of the city of paradoxes. A city where he started his career over twenty five years ago when the magic of his black and white photography captured the spirit of sixties and seventies the change was reluctant but coming.

Greater cultural awakening - and the changing culture of new rulers - bureaucrats and babus - the intrigues of power and politics - growth in business influx of job seekers and other professionals over the past two to three decades - the breed of new Dehi-ites and a sizeable community of middle class coming up fast -Delhi has spread its hands and paws in every direction which has added varied colours to the complexities of this fast growing metropolis.

Pawan Varma, a prisoner of the past who has witnessed too much for too long - since Yudhishtra, the oldest of the Pandava brothers, established the city of Indraprastha, ancient name for Delhi, on the bank of river Yamuna to the insiders oat the corridors of power at the highs place -with his easy flowing sensitive text sums up the historical perspective.