Seeing Krishna : The Religious World of a Brahman Family in Vrindaban

Seeing Krishna : The Religious World of a Brahman Family in Vrindaban

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Author: Margaret H Case
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 167
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0195652940


This is a vivid account of how a group of Hindu devotees in north India saw Krishna appear in 1992 and of the historical, social, and ritual context that makes it possible to believe that this event was in fact an appearance of the god.

The setting for this event was the ashram of an influential Brahman family whose members are leaders in fostering study, performance, and the arts of Caitanya Vaisnavism, an important branch of Hinduism. In eight chapters, this book relates the life stories of Maharaj ji (the head of the family) and other family members, describes the rituals of service to the deity and the vibrant culture that is supported by them, and recounts the cycle of plays enacting 24 hours in the life of Krishna, in which the paradigmatic divine life of the gods unfold.

Author Margaret H Case lived in the family's ashram for many months over the course of seven years and was witness to most of the events described. Though accepted as a trusted insider, she retained the skeptical eye of an outsider. She reports with care, respect, and a love of the people, places and liturgies, but with a detachment that makes this book accessible to a wide audience. A unique in-depth look into the life of one of India most influential priestly families, Seeing Krishna offers a close-up view of the way a living religion is nurtured and developed by the creative guardians of a tradition.