Meditations - Yogas, Gods, Religions

Meditations - Yogas, Gods, Religions

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Author: Ram Swarup
Publisher: Voice of India
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 278
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185990646


This book stimulates a genuine inquiry in its readers, taking them into a state of meditation that is not fanciful or abstract but clear and adaptable.

The exploration of consciousness is an ancient and unique specialization of Hindu spirituality which sees consciousness as the very ground and being of the entire universe. Consciousness is the key word for the Hindu mind and meditation is the main methodology to develop it.

There is a new interest in spirituality today, evidenced by the popularity of Yoga and meditation world wide but it appears as yet o be immature or nanve. While one can find mediation camps, techniques and training methods, these seldom urn out people of deep insight. The reason is that true intelligence is always something that cannot be planed, orchestrated or mass-produced.

On the other hand, many spiritual people, particularly of a devotional nature, are notably lacking in intellectual sophistication and sometimes miss out in common sense. They can be duped by clays of sainthood or spiritual realization, which are easy to make and difficult to verify. They are prone to uncritically accept anything that calls itself religion or mysticism. Without some positive development of the intellect, spiritual growth appears limited or one-side, or at least mute. It easily gets lost, deceived or confused.

We need a new order of spiritual thinkers - spiritual intellectuals if you will - who have the sophistication of thought but coming from a lace of consciousness within, and who speak directly, not relying on the intellectual establishment.

In this context the works of Ram Swarup are notably refreshing and revitalizing to the spirit. He is a good model of the type of higher thinker that we need in the world today. He demonstrates a remarkable combination of sharp intellectual clarity with deep spiritual insight and sensitivity. Ram Swarup presents us with a living example of a yogic thinker.