Maa - Siddheshwari

Maa - Siddheshwari

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Author: Savita Devi Vibha S Chauhan
Publisher: Roli Books
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 136
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This book of reminiscences and records traces the journey of the life of the legendary Hindustani classical singer Siddheshwari Devi.

The authors describe in detail, Siddheshwari's rise from an uncared -for orphan in her aunt's house in Banaras to a famous classical singer and recipient of the Padmashree.

The book takes the readers through the gamut of her life, its struggles and glories; the rich and varied styles of music of the Banaras gharana which she perfected; her interactions with other artistes who gave shape and color to Indian classical music.

In this exhaustive and definitive biography on the life and the great vocalist, the authors show us closely the angst, hardships, joys and sensibilities which are at the core of a true artiste.