Hindoo Stories

Hindoo Stories

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Author: Anaryan
Publisher: Smriti Books
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 158
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


This collection narrates and analyses the relevant specimens from the ancient Sanskrit literature, like the Kamasutra, Panchatantra, Hitopodesa, Kathasaritsagara and others.

Since the beginning of humanity, fables and stories have been the means of imparting instruction and amusement to man. The stories were designed t illustrate and exemplify percepts for human conduct. After centuries, these stories eventually found themselves in print. They are divided into four groups: Sanskrit or Hindoo, Arabic or Persian, western or European and the American. Of these, the Sanskrit or Hindoo group of stories are the oldest and probably served as the basis of Arabic or Persian tales, which gain served as the source for many European story-tellers.