A Dictionary of Urdu , Classical Hindi and English (URDU)

A Dictionary of Urdu , Classical Hindi and English (URDU)

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Author: John T Plats
Publisher: Urdu Academy
Year: 2000/2003
Language: Urdu
Pages: 1259
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8171211259


A reprint of a classic work first published in 1884.

More than a mere compilation, this work has the stamp of originality in as much as the changes introduced and the additions made to the vocabulary are so numerous and extensive that it may justly be considered as substantially a new work.

The distinguishing features of the work are:

1. The space assigned to the etymology of words;
2. The arrangement of words which are similarly spelt but differently derived into separate paragraphs according to their etymology;
3. The admission of numerous words which do not find place in the literary language.