A Dictionary of Hindu Architecture

A Dictionary of Hindu Architecture

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Author: Prasanna Kumar Acharya
Publisher: LP Publications
Year: 1997
Language: English
Pages: 861
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8175361131


This volume is the first in the 'Manasara' series - the treatise containing knowledge and experience in Town-planning, Architecture, Sculpture etc. of ancient India.

This volume is a dictionary which devotes itself exclusively to the terminology of Hindu architecture. Here he word architecture encompasses all activities of man connected with the satisfaction of one of his basic needs i.e.. shelter. All architectural terms found in Sanskrit works, epigraphic records and vastushashtra are presented here.

The entries are arranged according to the alphabetical order of Sanskrit. The derivative and original signification of every technical word is investigated and illustrated by quotations from original sources to bring out every shade of its meaning.

A result of years of studious research, the volume brings this vast, but almost forgotten, treasure-house within easy reach of everyone interested in the Architecture of ancient India.