Fables From India      ( Interactive CD-ROM)

Fables From India ( Interactive CD-ROM)

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Author: A Compilation
Publisher: Padmini Multimedia
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 0
ISBN/UPC (if available): N/A


Timeless Classics from The Panchatantra, the world's most ancient collection of childrens' stories.

This CD-ROM is based on the world's oldest known collection of fables - stories with a moral - which date back to 2000 BC. Rich in song and music this title contains surprise animation and interactive adventures. Navigation is simple and the content has been extensively tested by both parents and children.

Stories featured in this collection are:

Friends Become Foes: A cunning jackal's jealousy puts an end to the friendship of the Lion and the Bull

The Monkey's Curiosity: Mischievous Mangu, the monkey, lets his curiosity get the better of him and gets hurt

The Two Bedbugs: Life in the Kind's bed is good for Vispa the bedbug till Dannu, another bedbug comes along and upsets things

The Two Friends: The story of Papu and Darmu, their stolen wealth, and how the thief is discovered.

The Lion and the Rabbit: A big bad lion falls for the trick of a clever little rabbit.