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The Upanishads - Penguin Classics

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Author: Valerie J Roebuck
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2000/14
Language: English
Pages: 503
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9780140447491


A brilliant introduction to the essence of Living Hinduism.

The thirteen principal Upanishad Sanskrit texts in the religious tradition of the Vedas, lie at the heart of Hinduism. Devoted to understanding the inner meaning of the religion, they explicate its crucial doctrines - rebirth, the law of Karma, the means of conquering death and of achieving detachment, equilibrium and spiritual bliss. They emphasize the perennial search for true knowledge - especially that of the connection between the self and the transcendental Absolute.

In this translation marked by empathy and erudition, Valerie Roebuck approaches the Upanishads as belonging to the tradition of 'sruti', literature which is heard, as distinct from 'smriti', which is remembered. Seeking to reveal the intent of the authors, she attempts to represent what, in fact, constitutes the original text. Care is taken to exclude later accretions of commentaries. The invocations included underline the traditional recitation of these texts, and the literary devices - repetitions, dialogue and word combat, riddles, paradoxes and world play - used by the sages to express their teaching.

This accurate and exceptional rendering, while making accessible to the modern reader something of the beauty and variety of the original language, reaffirms the place of the Upanishad as one of the most profound works of modern literature.