Love Romance and Relationships

Love Romance and Relationships

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Author: Vandana Majumdar
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 164
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174762728


Explores human relationships and their complexities, and probes the unexplored world of extra-marital affairs and what makes a man/woman indulge in these affairs.

It attempts to unveil issues that have been kept under the mat for too long: can you find true love beyond the confines of marriage? Who is the other woman? What happens when you meet your soul mate outside marriage? The book examines the serious involvement's outside marriage as against casual flings and promiscuous liaisons, portraying the joy, tears and heartbreak of those who have dared to defy the norms.

It also seeks to define what comprises a successful relationship between a man and a woman in this fast-paced world of the new millennium.

The book also analyses some vital issues facing us today - How can make the young more responsible about sex at a time w2hen they think virginity is a dying concept? It delves into the fascinating world of cyber romance with its blend of fantasy and the unreal, and its impact on those caught in its web.

The book also probes into the various conflicts/problems within marriage that lead to the final breakdown. It throws up some pertinent question - Should you walk out of marriage, when you can't take it anymore?