Infatuation - The Crescent and the Vermilion

Infatuation - The Crescent and the Vermilion

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Normaler Preis
Normaler Preis

Author: Shiv K Kumar
Publisher: UBS Publishers
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 161
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8174762671


This novel recognizes sex as an essential aspect of any relationship between man and woman, but the author handles it with a poet's sensitivity and subtlety.

Mutaza Ali, heir to a Dargah in Dilbargah, is infatuated with Prema, a beautiful young Hindu woman, married to a real estate agent. When his father, Syed Alam Ali, comes to know abut his son's love affair with a Brahmin women, he feels shocked and dies of a stroke. Murtaza's younger brother, Shabir, feels agonized and decides to avenge the family honor, particularly out of his deep concern for Shakila, Murtaza's wife. He sets upon Prema a kidnapper, who carries her off to his farm for ransom, and also seduces her with his glib tongue.

Then after tempting her with a strong aphrodisiac, he leads her to his bed where she now lends herself willingly to a night of wanton sex. Now convinced of her wayward sexuality, Shabir traps her into a cold-blooded gruesome murder. But he is saved from the gallows by a top-notch criminal lawyer on the pleas of temporary insanity. The court's order, however, requires him to spend six months at a state mental hospital.

But Murtaza's money buys him freedom at the end of his probation. During his stay at the hospital, Shabir falls in love with Prabha, an inmate - a young, beautiful, destitute girl. So the first time Shabir makes love to her in his room, he awakens to a new vision of life, and he makes up his mind to marry her.