An Afghan Diary - Zahir Shah to Taliban

An Afghan Diary - Zahir Shah to Taliban

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Author: J N Dixit
Publisher: Konark
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 525
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8122005896


This work presents dramatic and sensitive political undercurrents of India's policies towards Afghanistan.

India's former Foreign Secretary writes another book about one of his sensitive diplomatic assignments in Kabul, Afghanistan. He maintained a detailed diary on daily and weekly basis throughout his stay in Afghanistan which is now submitted to the public in the form of a book. Dixit has added two relevant and knowledgeable chapters to this diary of his. One gives the historical background of events which led to the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan while the other as a Postscript brings events in Afghanistan upto date and speculates on future prospects.

Here is the story of the contradictions and somersaults in India's Afghan policies at the time of the Soviet intervention. How Prime Minister Charan Singh suggested the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from Afghanistan to Russian Ambassador Vorontsov, sternly criticizing the Soviet intervention as unacceptable. How Indira Gandhi modified this policy stance within three weeks of Charan Singh's policy declaration. How Brijesh Mishra, now Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister and then Indian Ambassador to the UN, questioned the logic of Mrs. Gandhi's views on the Soviets moving into Afghanistan and how he gave up his assignment at the UN as a consequence.

And then there is Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan telling Mrs. Gandhi that she was betraying the Afghan people as the Congress had betrayed the Pathans by agreeing to the partition of India.




What Forced Zahir Shah Out

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Getting to Know Kabul

Diary 1983
Mujahideen Gains and Losses

Diary 1984
Karmal-Soviet thrust: Pak-US Response

Diary 1985
Khalq-Parcham Divide Widens

Taliban at Helm: What Does It Portend?