A Journey with Elsa Cloud

A Journey with Elsa Cloud

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Author: Leila Hadley
Publisher: Thorson
Year: 1999
Language: English
Pages: 600
ISBN/UPC (if available): 0722538669


A life enhancing trip through India by a mother and daughter.

This memoir starts when Leila, the engaging narrator, receives a call from an estranged daughter who, while living in the East, has become a student of Buddhism. Leila flies to India, and together mother and daughter travel through the subcontinent on an interior and exterior journey towards understanding culminating in a visit to the Dalai Lama.

Leila Hadely's narrative interweaves richly textured descriptions with poignant childhood stories. With a gift for lyrical prose, a formidable storehouse of memories and anecdotes, and a rare exuberance, Leila Hadely has created a unique and unforgettable story.


A ravishing memoir .. Hadely's intense curiosity, empathy, stunning associations and sensuous prose play over inner and outer landscapes. No traveler, armchair or otherwise, should be deprived of this book's ripe pleasures. - Publishers Weekly

In Hindi, as Leila Hadely reminds us, her first name means 'cosmic play.' And what could be more appropriate for a woman whose openness and exuberance are a model for us all. In A journey with Elsa Cloud, she charges towards India, her beloved daughter and herself with a sense of wonder, a delight, and an aching honesty that cracks things open within and without. And all of it delivered with a sense of cosmic play. - Pico Iyer

A journey with Elsa Cloud is the best travel book I have ever read. - Norman Mailer