Court Painting in Rajasthan

Court Painting in Rajasthan

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Author: Andrew Topsfield
Publisher: Marg Publications
Year: 2000
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8185026475


A de uxe library edition, cloth bound and jacketed with 90 color and 46 black-and-white illustrations, this volume is in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of its subject.

From the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries the patronage of the Rajput rulers of Rajasthan gave rise to a rich profusion of distinctive painting styles, devoted both to the illustration of poetical and religious themes and to royal portraiture and the depiction of court life.

The contributors to this book explore various topics of recent research which throw new light on the major Rajasthani schools of Painting and their social, historical and religious background. The articles are based on material from, a multitude of public and private collections in India and throughout the world, and wall-paintings in situ. Besides chapters on less familiar aspects of local painting styles, essays on individual illustrated manuscripts, and on artists, their families, and patrons are included.

Initiated by the pioneering scholar A K Coomaraswamy and a few other early writers, the study of Rajasthani court painting could be said to have come to maturity in 1950. In that year, Marg published Karl Khandalavala's ground breaking article Leaves from Rajasthan. The present volume is offered in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of its subject.


Andrew Topfield is a Senior Assistant Keeper at the Asholean Museum, Oxford. He has written catalogues, articles, and a thesis on the Udaipur school of painting.